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Join the Design Tribe

This is an intimate tribe of designers that want direct access to to me, your design mentor.

You and I will meet once a week to discuss projects you’re working on, client stories, and receive personalized advice on how to tackle anything from web design, to billing (and anything in between).

I wish I had a mentor/consultant when I was just starting out.

It would have made things 1,000x’s easier and I would have progressed in my career at a much more rapid rate. I had to learn the old fashioned way, from failing over and over, and then adapting.

One on one coaching, without the price

By joining, you’ll get

One on one coaching with me, who has been running my solo web design business for over 8 years.

Feedback on your work before you send to clients.

Advice with client issues (think: refusal to pay, how to setup billing/invoicing, how to deal with nightmare clients)

Video recording of the meetings so you can reference them at any point.

**Most importantly: Encouragement, advice, and full support from someone who’s already “done” it.

“The feedback I get on projects is invaluable…

The ability to show Megan every project I’m working on has been incredible. Before I went solo, I used to have a Creative Director that would critique all of my work. Now, it’s like Megan is my Creative Director but without having to work for her. It’s amazing.

Sri, Advanced Divi user

Who can apply?

Anyone who wanst to learn. We have real beginners to real advanced people in the Desing Tribe.

When do we meet?

We meet virtually via Zoom once a week. We’ll schedule a time of day and day of the week and try to stick to it. If anything comes up, just email me and we’ll resched.

What if I hate it?

You won’t hate it. But on the tiny off-chance that you do, we simply part ways. I never, ever hold people to a contract, especially those in the Design Tribe! In life and in the tribe, you’re never stuck.

What do we talk about?

Everything and anything. I have some tribe members that like to ask a ton of questions and I do my best to answer them. In others, members like to show me what projects they’re working on and I give honest and good feedback. It’s your time, we can talk about anything you’d like.

Do we have to meet via Zoom?

No! I have some members that like to just email me their questions and I respond with a Loom screen recording. This is a better option for people on the go that can’t nail down a schedule.

Ready to get started?

Apply below, or you can ask me a question by contacting me first.

I’ll review your application and get back to you soon!