How to improve your amazon listing – 5 ways to optimize your FBA product listing – How to rank better on Amazon
by Megan Dorien, a Tampa Bay and Midcoast Maine based web designer

You have a great product – or so you think – and you can’t figure out why it’s not dominating the Amazon marketplace. You have some fairly good pictures, created a title that describes your product, and outlined the bullet points detailing what your product is all about.

Cool out, verruca salt.

There’s 40 million other people doing exactly what you did. In order to be successful on Amazon FBA you must go above and beyond what everyone else is doing. You need the edge.

I’m feeling extra nice today. Maybe it’s the intense humidity of the Florida summer, making me delirious. Or maybe, it makes me happy when other people have achieved the same – or more – level of success that I have. I’m gonna show you the top 5 ways to optimize your listing to crank up sales on Amazon.

1. The title is gold

One of the biggest pieces of the ‘Amazon algorithm’ puzzle is the title of your product. It’s a magical place where including well thought out keywords will yield returns worth lusting over. Use a service like keyword dominator tool and start the ever-important research phase. Try to think of what the average person is using to search for your product. Get creative. If you sell ‘essential oils‘ – a very competitive key phrase – try sneaking in the back door and searching for lower ranking key phrases like “stress reliever”. You want to hit your key phrase from a few different angles; creating a circle that will wrangle different types of potential buyers, leading them towards the ranch gates, in this case, the buy button.

2. Have your images tell a story

You’re typically allotted 9 images in your listing. That’s nine chances to show your product as something greater than just a product. It can be portrayed as a problem solver. Your job is to visually show the potential customer that they need your product, that their lives will be better with your product. It’s your job to create images that the potential customer will connect with on a deeper level.

The first image should always be the product itself on an isolated, white background. This is actually Amazons rule to create coherence on the search results page, but I agree that the first image a buyer should see is your product displayed cleanly and simply. From image number 2 and on towards the end, try to create a storyline. If were using our essential oils example, the 2nd image would show the ingredients, the raw fruits, veggies, roots and spices that are included in the ingredients list. This gives the buyer a sense of the beginning stages of your product.

Image number 3 can be a lifestyle shot. Include a model that’s making great eye contact with the camera. Choose a model that matches your target demo, i.e. female/age 30 to 50.

Pro tip: now is a good time to mention always do your target demo research to know “how” to speak to your audience.

That brings us to image 4-9. take this time to continue the storyline. Take the buyer on a journey. Show the model using the product, sharing the experience with her family, and finally the benefits of using the oils for a while. A great concluding 9th shot could be – picture this – our model laying on the couch, eyes closed, essential oil on the table next to her. She looks totally blissed out, relaxed – further proof that your product works. Leave your potential buyer wanting to be as relaxed as the picture she sees on your listing.

3. Bullet points – a tried and true formula

Bullet description points should be looked at as one of the most important aspects of your listing. It’s another chance to use your findings of keywords from your research phase. Strategically sprinkle these keywords/phrases into each bullet point. Thank of each bullet point as a benefit to your potential customer. Like your images, take the buyer on a journey. Show them what makes your product stand apart from the competition. Not-so-subtly make them see how your product will make their lives better. Each five bullets is a sales pitch, but don’t be too sell-y. Be genuine and speak like you’re telling a friend about a great product that you yourself use.

Start with the most important benefit first and work your way down. The first point should highlight the main selling point of your product – the thing that will stick in your buyers mind.

Here’s 3 levels of bullet point writing for our same example product.

• Great smelling oils.

• Made with oils from our European farms.

Better yet:
• Our organic essential oils use only the best quality, naturally grown ingredients. They are hand-picked from our farming partners in the south of France and bottled with love, pride, and care.

You have the space, use it. In the 1st example, you will only pick up on Amazon’s SEO algorithm if the buyer searches for “great smelling oils”, but in the 3rd example, it’s ripe with ranking keywords.

Of course this is the 30,000 foot view. It’s just kicking the top of the iceberg. It should all be part of an overall strategy, a strategy that focuses on getting 5-start reviews, killer seller reviews which boost ranking, pushing outside traffic to your product, and getting your product to page 1 – with the end goal being to get tons of sales.

My clients partner with me because everything above is too demanding for them to do alone. It’s why Amazon consultants and experts exist.

If you’d like to give it a shot, go at it…like right now! If the above is gibberish and you want someone like me to do it all for you, let’s chat.

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