What Will You Learn? 

Create a custom website from scratch using the super simple platform, Squarespace.
Dive into Squarespace’s interface and learn all of its essential functions and tools.

I’ll show you how to master the ‘Style Editor” so creating custom branding to your site is a breeze.


You learn how to create a sitemap and how to get it approved by the client, so that your site is highly organized.

Setup a trial Squarespace account, no credit card required at all.

I’ll teach you the basics and importance of SEO and how to properly optimize images for the web.


I’ll show you how to create products for sale, turning your site into an eCommerce website.


I’ll walk you through every step of launching the new site.


You’ll learn what every single function of building a webpage is, like how to add content, images, titles, blog posts, video, ecommerce products, and portfolio projects to your site.


I’ll teach you all about images for the web; where to get them, and how to budget for them, while making money in the process. I’ll also show you pro tips on how to find free, awesome, license-free stock images.


Take an existing website and give it a complete redesign. We’ll use it as an example throughout the entire course, so you can be with me through every step of the process.


You’ll learn how to buy a domain for your client and configure and point it correctly to your site.

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It will change the way you run your web design business. Pinky swears.


  • All you really need to take this course is a computer with decent internet. If you like to take notes, have a pen and paper handy.
  • We will need to sign up for a free trial Squarespace account, and I’ll walk you through every step.
  • This course is taught from screen recordings, designed so you can get the best grasp, from learning by watching.
  • We’ll be taking an existing, poorly designed website and use all of its content to create a new, freshly designed website.
  • I will break the course down into 7, easily digestible sections.


This course is so much more than “how to design a website using Squarespace”. That’s only the basis of the course; the rest is jam-packed with tips, tricks, and advice on how to make more money designing websites. I’ve taken my 10+ years of experience and condensed these invaluable lessons into simple, easy to follow steps.

The only live videos are the short intro parts where I setup each section. The majority of the lectures are screencasts so you can follow along with what I’m actually doing. Learning by watching has been proven to be the most effective way for the average learner.


  • No prior programming or coding knowledge AT ALL is required to take this course.
  • This is the perfect course if you are a beginner web designer and want to pick up more web design clients. It is an incredible easy-to-follow course.
  • I employ the ELI5 (“explain it like I’m 5”) teaching method, so this course is designed for all skill levels. I have created the course with newbies designers in mind, but anyone that wants to build a website but is scared of the idea of coding should take this course.
  • This course is also great for business owners that are on a budget, who do not have the funds to hire a professional designer.
  • This is not for the highly experienced coder or web developer, but I’ll show some pro tips and tricks that a medium level design may not know.
  • This is more than a “how to design a website” course. It’s more about how to create a well oiled web design business. I’ve made sure to include tons of ways to earn passive income.

You ready?

It’s a best-seller on Udemy for a reason.