Drink & Draw, blind contour art fun

Hi Tampa Bay neighbors!

Plus, it’s encouraged to have your favorite beverages on hand during this experience. Drawing can be more fun when it includes adult beverages, but it is not at all required to have fun.

In this 60 minute class, we’ll learn how to make fast, abstract blind contour drawings. Blind contour is when you look at your object without looking down at the paper.

We’ll warm up with quick activities like shading and cross-hatching. This practice warms up your hand-eye coordination and gets your mind and body for the next sections.

Then we’ll spend 10 mins drawing any household object you want. Some common objects that guests love to draw are plants, shoes, or your cup. Then we’ll share our drawings together.

Next we move onto portraits. While looking in the camera, guests will draw what they see without looking, or picking their pencils off the paper. As a fun side, whenever someone looks at their paper, we all have to take a drink!

I want everyone to leave with a greater sense of their own natural artistic abilities. Because we are creating tangible pieces of artwork, we can see and appreciate (and usually laugh at) the end results together. The feedback has been excellent and most guests have said they felt closer to their peers and coworkers.