about megan

Compassionate business owner, a pretty good designer, an excellent communicator.

I’m the founder and CEO of my digital creative studio that serves mid-large sized businesses, with a focus on Start-ups and non-profits. I love helping brands and companies improve their presence in the world. I love my job. So much.

I cut my teeth in the advertising world. I started as a designer, quickly worked my way to art director, skipped up to senior art director, and then landed as creative director at 2 separate agencies in New York. During my years as creative director, I forged a strong conceptual, creative, and design foundation that has carried over to my present work.

“I simply cannot recommend Megan Dorien highly enough! She consistently produces beautiful work for our website and seems to intuitively know precisely what we’re asking for her to create. Even if I personally have given a shockingly poor explanation of my vision for the page, the final product always feels like a refined version of whatever vague idea we had.”

Violet Grace Fink


In 2011 I decided to go out on my own because I wanted to travel. I quickly realized that I could offer agency quality work for freelancer pricing. I didn’t have an office where I needed to charge exorbitant amounts from clients to keep the lights on or pay corporate rent to some landlord.

For the past 13 years, I’ve had the pleasure of creating beautiful work for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Geico, MasterCard, Citibank, Arbonne, MTV, American Heart Association, Weleda, and Locks of Love, to name a few.

Those are all cool, but I’ve also had the even bigger, more fulfilling pleasure of helping startups find their voice and vision while bringing their goals to market.

My strength as a Designer and Consultant is to be laser-focused on pain points, so I can sculpt a plan to execute and address them at every step of the project. If we don’t focus on the things holding your brand back, we can’t come up with a solution. That’s what I do, come up with solutions.

what makes megan different than all the other options?

It’s not about pretty pictures and great design, it’s about the connections.

I’m uninterested in getting a job, getting paid for it, and moving to the next project. This job for me is more about creating deeper, more meaningful engagements. 

I truly believe that I do not have a service to sell, I have a gift to offer. This unique paradigm has made me stand out to existing clients and connects well with prospective clients.